Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo's, Music and Beer Oh MY!

Last Saturday The Prairie Surfers (the band my dad is in) had a gig at the Ballydoyle Pub  I was asked to take pictures for their website. I thought photography, music, beer and good company? I’ll do it!  This proved to be a difficult shoot, it was very crowded and very dark.  I had to shoot at a ridiculous ISO setting and such slow shutter speeds I was worried they would look like a black room filled with sand, that is to say very grainy.  Yes, they turned out grainy, and slightly blurry, but they look cool!  They have a raw edge that I really enjoy.
In short, it was a fun night with unexpected results.

From left. Glenn (Bass), Steve (Drums), K.C. (My dad, Guitar, Vocals), Scott (Lead Guitar)

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