Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Eve Fun

This past New Years Eve Monica and I helped throw a small gathering for some friends.  It was hosted at our friend Tasha's Home. It was her first and last New Years Eve celebration with all of her friends in this home, she's soon moving away. Monica planned and cooked all the delicious food. The most tender chicken ever, Pasta, cocktail weenies, asparagus (I cooked that one!) cookies, the works. (She'll probably yell at me for missing something or calling something wrong so look for updates). We also thought it would be fun to do photo shoots throughout the night. This means I get to eat, drink, hang out with friends AND play with my camera and lights!!  I tried to keep the photo equipment as unobtrusive as possible (and safe from the drunkeness!) so I just set up two AB800's in two corners of the room to boost the ambient on an as-needed basis. Turned out great! I was able to capture the very fast moving group from any angle.  Lots of fun, not much time to set up, well worth the 7 am teardown.

Photo above is of my beautiful girlfriend Monica!

Till Next time!

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