Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fran and Jon Cashmore

He works for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense. She is a Major in the US Air Force stationed in England.  Thats where they met and thats where they planned their Illinois wedding from!  They didn't come to the states till a week before the wedding, thats when I finally was able to meet them for the first time.  The weather leading up to their wedding was gorgeous! Then... It rained their entire wedding day!

That didn't bother them one bit though, they were in love and getting Married!  Their wedding turned out beautiful and with few quickly placed speed-lights the rain actually became a wonderful welcome to the photos!  

I am so happy with the results, when ever it rains on a photo shoot (esp a wedding!) its always a scary undertaking. All previous photo ideas are thrown to the side and rewritten.  One of my mentors once told me, "a photographer's biggest job is problem-solving."  This situation couldn't of made that statement more true.

Thank you Fran and Jon for being such great sports about the rain and trusting me with your precious memories!

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